Forging a New Trail

By Trisha Fronczek

Not all trails need to be about professional growth. Some are just about ourselves and learning and being.

My NEW Trail

I have decided to forge a new trail. Welcome to karate, Trisha! Somewhere in my self-conscious, I told myself that when my kiddo took the karate plunge, that I should also take on the challenge. And a challenge it is! I have made new friends ranging from my fellow white belts to those on the verge of their black belt and some awesome sensei that remain calm and can’t stop smiling when I can’t help but laugh at my lack of coordination. However, through my first 4 weeks, I have TRIED! I have learned. I keep going back for more because by golly, I am starting to get it.

Never Fear

Never fear. Never fear your own progress and failures! Never fear that you will hear about my progress and failures. What idea or challenge is gnawing at you? Take that idea or challenge out for a spin. You will never regret trying it out but will regret pushing it into the background and missing out something that can change your future.

Action Items for you

  • Examine that idea or challenge.
  • Take the idea or challenge out for a spin.


Let’s hit the nursing trail!

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