Spring time is interview time for many nurses. Whether graduating and looking for your first nursing position or you are looking to freshen things up a bit, you must be prepared to ask some questions of your own during the interview process. Asking your own set of questions, allows the hiring manager to see you are prepared and a thinker and connector. So, what job interview questions should you bee ASKING?

Job Interview Questions for the NURSE to ASK

  • Why is this position available?
  • If there was someone previously in the position, then: Why did the previous person leave, and how long did they have the position?
  • How long is the orientation to this position?
  • How will the organization support me in this role?
  • What resources will be available to me in this role?
  • How will my job performance be measured?

Job Interview Questions to not ASK the Hiring Manager

  • Informational Questions – vacation time and personal time. Instead ask these questions of human resources and focus on position focused information.
  • Closed Ended Questions – like will I work nights and weekends – Yes or No. Instead ask what a typical schedule looks like for someone in my position.
  • Me Questions – like will I work Sundays because I prefer to attend church. Instead focus on how you will add value to the organization.

Always be prepared for your interview. You want the interviewer to remember the great conversation they had with you and not the hum of the computer due to lack of conversation. When an interview becomes work and lacks engagement, then neither party is content and the interview rarely leads to a position offer.

Let’s hit the nursing trail!

Questions have been developed from the following articles:

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