Nurse Conference Call Dos and Don’t

Awe…time for a nurse staff meeting conference call. You are so elated that you can call in from home and hear updates without coming in on your day off. You dial in and get connected on the first attempt. You can hear the meeting. What joy! Then, five minutes in, another caller starts doing their dishes! How? Why? Don’t they know the dos and don’t of a nurse conference call. Fear sets in that everyone thinks it is you! So, let’s talk about the conference call dos and don’t for nurses.

The Dos of Nurse Conference Calls

  • Call-in from a quiet location. Make sure the location is within a reasonable noise decibel.
  • Ensure your phone has good service at your location. Landlines are golden but almost none existent for calls anymore. Find a good signal and STAY there!
  • Know how to use the phone. Not sure how to use the keypad or turn up the volume. Practice ahead of time!
  • Call in a few minutes early. This will have you waiting in Que to enter the call. It also gives you a few minutes for glitches like wrong phone number or extra steps.
  • Say HELLO! This is………When you enter the call. Nobody will know you are there if not announced.
  • Take notes during the meeting. Even if you are not physically present, you are in a meeting!
  • Leave a pause. After a call member speaks and prior to you starting to speak, leave a pause so you are not over talking another caller.
  • State your name prior to speaking about subject matter. This is only needed if a new group or new members. If a routine call, then most people will know your voice.
  • Use a headset. Hands free is best
  • Use the mute button as needed. Remember to unmute so you can be heard!
  • Say goodbye with a smile. Have meeting etiquette until the end.

The Don’t of Nurse Conference Calls

  • Call in from a noisy location. Try to make proper accommodations to ensure a productive meeting
  • Forget to UNMUTE the call. It happens to all of us but try to be aware.
  • Get busy with other tasks. Just because you are not physically at work, does not mean you can be checked out for the meeting. Take notes, interact, and be a participant.

Remember your nurse conference call dos and don’ts for a successful meeting. Let’s hit the nursing trail!

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