Tips to being an active nursing council member

By Trisha Fronczek

Your nursing council meeting is today! You have read the blog post Welcome to YOUR nursing council! ( ) and have prepared for this nursing council meeting by reading the charter and last meeting’s minutes, by reviewing today’s agenda and ensuring that you are prepared for both old and new agenda topics. Now, we are going to discuss some tips for being an active nursing council member versus just showing up for the meeting.

Tips for being an active member

  • Be on time for the meeting
    • Double check the room, date and time. Nurses are busy and our schedules are even busier! Make sure today is the day and it is the correct room.
    • If you are teleconferencing, check to make sure downloads are not needed prior to connecting to the meeting. These downloads can delay your connection and lead to meeting fragmentation.
  • Be present at the meeting
    • No cell phone usage
    • Focus on agenda topics and ask questions if something is confusing
    • Listen to input from other members
    • Take notes to provide feedback to your nursing department
  • Speak-up at the meeting
    • Offer input as needed
    • Be polite by not speaking out but when called upon
    • Be respectful of another member’s input
    • When the agenda allows, offer up thoughts on future agenda topics
  • Volunteer for future topics or assignments
    • When you feel comfortable, volunteer to research a future topic or survey nursing department members on a topic
    • Be prepared to offer your topic or assignment outcome at the next meeting

Remember, the more active you are in the nursing council, then the more you, your nursing department, and your patients will benefit from this involvement.

Let’s hit the nursing council trail!

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