Congratulations! You are now a member of a nursing council. The first meeting is next week. How do you prepare for it?

  • Access the council’s charter or goals
    • What is the objective of the council?
    • What are the yearly goals?
  • Read over last meeting’s minutes
    • See what has been in motion from last meeting.
    • Do you have any thoughts on old agenda items?
  • Prepare for agenda items
    • Should you be doing any pre-meeting work like surveying colleagues about a product? Completing any assignments?
    • Read over attachments as to be prepared for all agenda topics.
  • Ask a current member to share their meeting preparation strategies
    • What have they found to be successful preparation strategies? Perhaps the council does not send out an agenda, however, a current member says they always review their notes and minutes in order to ensure they recall prior agenda items.

The more prepared for the meeting you are, then the more meaningful the council experience will be to you, your nursing unit and to patient care. There is no better feeling than to see a project you participated in change nursing culture and produce positive outcomes for the patients we serve.

Let’s hit the nursing council trail!

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